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Steve the SVGull by spencer 11-12-17 19:18
Does anyone have a SVG of Steve the Seagull in full, or even a nice big PNG or GIF or something?
Export posts by spencer 12-14-15 08:55
Hey, any chance we could get an option to export the content of our blogs, like in a database dump? I'd like to consolidate all my embarrassing old writings on my current WordPress blog.

Hearts and kisses,
continued from by paul 04-09-12 18:58
by blahblahblah 04-08-12 06:49
who runs this place anyway?
can we pray the gray away?
Tabula Rasa by prudence 07-25-11 23:10
I would like to delete my journal. How can I make this happen?
recent post list by swift 11-08-10 20:40
since the site is slower than it use to be, any chance of making stuff last longer on the recent posts list?

instead of things dropping off in two days, how about they stick around for 5?
meet up by chucho 08-28-10 20:18
I'm in front in front of Backspace. Where are you?
elowel has moved! by teh0mega 08-23-10 04:24
Hey guys, as the new holder of elowel, whether on a more permanent basis, or until chucho gets stuff set up, hopefully your DNS should have updated to let you see it again. It may go down again sometime tomorrow, as I need to move it to its rightful spot in my brother's former room, just so it's out of the way. I'll be (once again, might I add) setting up a vm on my computer in attempts to learn linux/bsd better to do maintenance, etc. on it, even though max has said that he'd be willing to help in case anything bad happens.

Now, no promises for anything, to anyone, etc. but if anyone was looking for some sort of features that you'd want added, go ahead and throw a post up.

I have a lot of time on my hands and I'm looking to learn things, so throw it out there! Maybe chucho will help too!
I have a very cool artist/programmer friend that took advantage of JetBlue's fly-all-you-want promotion. As he is still a college student, quite a lot of his money went into buying the plane ticket... Here's Sam's plea:

Hello to everyone! I am writing because I've got a golden plane ticket --- one that will let me make as many flights as I like between September 7th and October 6th. I like going places and seeing people --- old friends and complete strangers. But my budget is tight! I'm traveling light and surfing on couches to make the most of this opportunity.

I know some of you live where JetBlue flies-- would you like to meet an interesting person and let him sleep on your couch for a night or two, maybe help show him the sights? I think some of you live in other places JetBlue flies, such as Seattle. He's got Portland, Oregon covered as his brother lives there Ok, so my friend ALSO wouldn't mind a Portland couch to sleep on. His brother lives in Portland, but he has now decided he wants to meet as many people as possible, so wants to stay with somebody new. What do you say, Portland peeps?

A little about Sam Bleckley: Right now he is working in a computational biochemistry lab, doing the computational bit, looking at RNA folding. Other than being pretty darn good at programming, he is also an artist studying printmaking here at OU and is a some-time improviser in the OKC improv scene. He is one of the most interesting people that I know and I'd be running around with him had I decided it would be cool before the promotion ran out. So if you can't meet this eloweler, why not meet somebody she thinks is the bee's knees?

You can find out some more about Sam Bleckley at his website, or at his Facebook profile. He's also signed up at Couch Surfing.
elowel Meetup by max 08-17-10 13:17
Will be August 28th, 8pm.

We had talked about Backspace as the venue in the last thread, it is worth noting there will be an album release party (Wax Fingers) there at that time.

We could integrate with that crowd, we could choose another venue, thoughts?

I tend to think we should integrate, then head someplace else if it's too hectic.
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