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Help and Bloggar by david 03-31-05 03:07
First and foremost, the help journal has lost its style and won't allow posting.

Secondly (and the reason I was going to the help journal) was to ask about Bloggar. Has anyone gotten it it work with elowel recently? I'm sure I'm not using an incorrect password or username, you guys already tried that excuse. For journal type, since I can't select a server if I mark Blogger I am using "custom" with '' as host and "/api" as the "page" and "80" as the port. The journal type selected on the custom tab is "Bloggar API".

Any ideas?
Graduation in ORANGE? 03-31-05 02:36
What the deal? can someone explain because i would like some family there that i care about. ne one?
Like to talk? by david 03-15-05 00:47
Like to talk politics?

Check out the newest and freshest youth organization for discussion of politics around.

Progressive Youth.Org
Building a brighter tomorrow!
I have by blahblahblah 03-11-05 10:38
I have a friend.
Her name is Gripewater.
You may know her from such acclaimed journals as gripewater, or gripewater, or maybe even gripewater.
She keeps messing things up in her settings, so is there anyway one of you super admins of doom could put her icon right?

If you could do that, her royal gripeness would be much happy.

i by pinkgrenade 03-06-05 03:29
just met the love of my life. his name is anthony green. and he is hot. and his voice is even hotter.

alias? saosin, circa survive, soudns of animals fighting.

damn boys in bands
Talk by mreberto 03-06-05 00:58
You can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?
Pretty cool 03-05-05 22:58
Hello, 03-05-05 22:46
My name is talk. I'm new to elowel.
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