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It shouldn't be too cheap. She wants to dress up. I need an epic place to talk her. Shouldn't be too expensive, but we can afford a nice place. Please?
Good thinkin' by prudence 02-03-09 12:54
I read a lot more blogs and reply to a lot more posts than I used to. I think the stalker feed of popular entries takes credit for that. At first I wasn't a fan, but I kinda dig it. Good idea guys.
people suck. by sciencevsromance 02-02-09 20:35
how do I deactivate this shiz?
DVD/CD burner by blahblahblah 01-09-09 16:21
I need a cheap - under fifty dollars preferably - External DVD/CD Burner. Anyone know of a good one?
by bridget 12-18-08 23:51
Mark Felt died Thursday in his California home. He was 95 years old.
Italics by zanna 11-03-08 21:28
Ok, so I'm banning myself from the use of italics from now on, because I just got them stuck on (again, for about the millionth time) when I replied to shanlesor's blog. If someone wants to fix it, that would be great, because I can't seem to make it work. I thought you just had to type < / i > (condensed, of course), but that didn't do the trick. Sorry guys. =(
Anon by chucho 10-06-08 22:29
Why is anon readable to unregistered users (i.e. why can you still read anon when not logged on instead of getting the "nothing here yo...")?

Just curious.
Nick Rowe, tenor soloist

Where: Rex Putnam High School Auditorium

When: Friday, October 10, 2008 at 7:00 (house opens at 6:30)
Admission: Free to anyone and everyone

Donations are gladly and graciously accepted (not to mention tax-deductible!)

Why donate to the WFP?


-the WFP gives emergency aid to tens of millions of people in dire need for food, 58% of which are women and children.
-Every 3.6 seconds, a person dies of hunger. Every 5 seconds, a child dies.

-We can't count on governments; In a 1970 UN Resolution, most industrialised nations committed themselves to tackling global poverty by spending 0.7 percent of their national incomes on international aid by 1975. Only Norway, Sweden, Luxembourg, the Netherlands and Denmark regularly meet his target (WFP website).

At 17, Nicholas Rowe is a senior at Rex Putnam High School. Nick has studied voice with Associate Professor Emeritus David Jimerson of Portland State University for the past 3 years. Under Jimerson’s tutelage, Nick has placed first in the tenor division in the District XIII Solo Festival for the past two years, and has placed fifth in the tenor division in the Oregon/OMEA State Solo Festival during his sophomore year, and placed fourth his Junior year. Nick had the opportunity to work with accredited voice coaches Christine Meadows and Carl Halvorsen in a workshop for young singers put on by PSU this summer.
i'm getting a new messenger bag but i can't decide which one... only you can help! vote on these or visit timbuk2's awesome bag designer thingo and make one yourself.

Thoughts? by max 09-15-08 23:16
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