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In Memoriam by spencer 09-24-09 08:55
Those of you fortunate enough to have your lives touched by this man undoubtedly already know this; however, I feel the need to share this with the elowel community at large.

Steve Quinn, mentor and beloved friend to many, passed away last night after an arduous fight with cancer in his liver.

He will be greatly missed.
Steve by spencer 07-12-09 10:16
Is the full image of Steve the Seagull available anywhere? I'd like to make a little image including him, but the only versions I can find are the cropped background image and the tiny favicon.

Bonus points if it's in SVG format.
Prayers Appreciated. by bridget 06-04-09 22:11
I know some of you would like to know. This is a message from TJ concerning our Dannyboi.

Apologies to the people I have not had the time or energy to make personal phone calls to.

Dan has once again crashed, and the likelihood of him recovering is slim.

He is on oxygen and loaded with morphine, when last he spoke, which was this morning around 4am, he said he wasn't scared, and that he wasn't in pain.

Our nurse has not given us a timetable. She has said that it could be tonight, in a few days or in a week or two. She did say that if Dan were your typical hospice patient, he would already be gone given the heart rate, and drugs he's already been given to manage pain.

Your well wishes are welcome...

thank you for caring.
- tj

Maybe all of our prayers could be enough.
French diacritics support by yes 06-02-09 19:24
Hello, I just joined elowel today.
I'm writing in French, but elowel doesn't seem to have French diacritics support.
What can I do to have it available on my elowel?
Thank you.
Made mad by .MOD by schelly 05-05-09 19:51
Hey all you tech-savvy types...

I have these movie files in .MOD format, transferred to my laptop from the guy who took the footage. I can't even open the files, let alone edit them!

I've tried two different online converters as per advice in online forums, but, just like all the other programs, it can't read the file.

My computer recognizes it as a movie file, yet it's incompatible.

PHP by spencer 04-30-09 17:12
Does Elowel support using PHP in posts? Templates?
Astronomy... by yourworstenemy 03-18-09 20:26
I posted this on my own blog but I thought it'd help if I put it here too:

I have to do a "quantitative" project for my astronomy 121 class but I'm stuck. We are supposed to gather 'data' throughout the term like "measurement of positions at various times for the sun, moon, satellites, or planet". Then we have to use our data to calculate some astronomical quantity like "orbital periods, rotational tilt or inclination of the Earth, Moon, other planets, satellites, and so forth."

So I was thinking I could use sunset times as my data (that I absolutely did NOT observe with my own eyes - thank god for the internet) but I cannot find a way to translate sunset times into an astronomical quantity. It's due Friday morning before our final. Suggestions? Insight? Pointers? I have been at this since 1pm and it is approaching 10pm...even Paul is stumped.
Ptown meetup by chucho 03-11-09 09:50
I feel like this should happen.

Thoughts or feelings?
by spencer 03-01-09 08:17
Hey, Elowelians.

I have to shoot a set of landscape photos today for my digital photography class. I really want some good long shots of downtown Portland, but I have no idea where a good vantage point is. Can any locals suggest some really good overlooks of the city, preferably with a view of the river and bridges?

Super Abilities by prudence 02-13-09 15:31
If you had a super-hero ability, or super-human ability, what would it be?

I think I would give people orgasms on command. That'd be fantastic and hilarious.
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