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elowel has moved!

Hey guys, as the new holder of elowel, whether on a more permanent basis, or until chucho gets stuff set up, hopefully your DNS should have updated to let you see it again. It may go down again sometime tomorrow, as I need to move it to its rightful spot in my brother's former room, just so it's out of the way. I'll be (once again, might I add) setting up a vm on my computer in attempts to learn linux/bsd better to do maintenance, etc. on it, even though max has said that he'd be willing to help in case anything bad happens.

Now, no promises for anything, to anyone, etc. but if anyone was looking for some sort of features that you'd want added, go ahead and throw a post up.

I have a lot of time on my hands and I'm looking to learn things, so throw it out there! Maybe chucho will help too!

Avatar swift
08-23-10 09:51
a sum of his things
journal exporting would be rad B)
Avatar elowel
08-24-10 20:04
Ah Yaaa
Maybe? Maybe!
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