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Tabula Rasa

I would like to delete my journal. How can I make this happen?

Avatar chucho *
07-26-11 15:56
Breathe deep
In theory: yes.

In practice: not really.

:rdlt. It would take someone with server access dropping your post/reply DB entries. This is becoming a popular request... maybe this needs to be made a feature.
Avatar prudence *
07-26-11 16:56
Sounds like it needs to be a feature.

I wouldn't mind keeping some sort of copy of my journal on my hard drive, but I would like to "erase" it from the internet (even though I recognize that nothing can really be erased from the internet).
Avatar fraz
07-27-11 14:42
Booooo! This is against one of the first tenets of elowel! Am I the only one that remembers this? There was a reason a delete button was never readily available on the site.

I'm going to track down the link.
Avatar chucho *
07-27-11 16:38
Breathe deep
For replies, yes. For posts? Meh. I mean you can edit your posts anyways. So why not have a nuke option? Ultimately I see it as a privacy issue.
Avatar prudence *
07-27-11 21:11
Here here!
Avatar paul *
07-27-11 23:05
no, seriously...
there is an option called "private blog" in the settings area that allows you to block anonymous web traffic (i.e. search spiders/future employers). i added it when my dirty laundry was being aired here. given that all of the content will continue to exist in web archives anyway, this seems like the most practical way to reduce its prominence online.
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