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who runs this place anyway?
can we pray the gray away?

Avatar fraz
04-08-12 11:30
i'm not sure what you mean by pray the gray away... but I'm pretty sure teh0mega runs the show nowadays.
Avatar paul *
04-08-12 20:11
no, seriously...
if someone wants to make a shiny new theme, by all means, go right ahead.

here are the current page and post templates: https://gist.github.com/2341100

and here are descriptions of most of the custom template tags you can use: http://paul.elowel.org/perm/more_flexible_templates, http://paul.elowel.org/perm/more_cool_stuff_for_advan...

...some of the tags you'll find in the gist don't exist in the descriptions because they were only intended for internal use but the names should make it fairly clear what they do.
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