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Hey, any chance we could get an option to export the content of our blogs, like in a database dump? I'd like to consolidate all my embarrassing old writings on my current WordPress blog.

Hearts and kisses,

Avatar max *
12-14-15 14:56
cyber desperado
I don't know who's even watching the site lately. I actually just found my password when I found some detritus from five summers ago.

Here's an approach to try: create a theme that is helpful for the purpose (probably a very simple theme) then set the number of posts per page to however many you wrote. It might take a second to load, but there you go: a DIY solution to scratch this itch.
Avatar cinnamonlixx
12-15-15 15:04
lizz's journal
I would love this as well. I fear that some day I will come to this site and it will all be gone. I started to paste posts manually, but there are just too many. :
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